Wheat Straw Pulp

Our plates are made with a wheat byproduct—the stalk. The grain part that we use for food is a very small part of the plant, and the stalks have to go somewhere. That's where we come in!

We pulp the stalks and combine them with a little bit of water to make a slurry. Then we pump the slurry into molds to form the plates. Because we only pulp the fibers once and don't bleach out the natural brown color of the straw, our plates are stronger and lighter than plates from other companies

The End of Life for WSP

Our plates literally are made with only one ingredient - wheat stalks. So you can rest assured knowing they'll compost in a commercial facility with no problem.

PLA (and PLA-coated paper)

We make our plastic products out of Ingeo™ - a plant-based plastic. Unlike the oil found in traditional plasticware, Ingeo™ is made from annuably renewable resources like corn. Learn More...